Why Should We All Stop Eating Meat?

In life there are occasions when some subtlety is helpful - this isn't one of those occasions. 

Why should we all stop eating meat?

Because it's wrong.

It's brutal, savage, ignorant and arrogant. Non-human life on earth, whether animals, insects or fish are NOT here to serve us. They are not our slaves. They are our equals. To think otherwise is conceited in the extreme. 

Many years ago, I used to eat meat. There were parts of being a carnivore that I did once enjoy. The problem was, I knew in my heart that it was wrong. After looking through our website, if you read properly, and with an open mind then, you will know it's wrong too.  Its time to change.

For a fleeting moment of gustatory pleasure another's life is taken.             

Everyone's life is precious. I live in appreciation of my life, I have family and pets that I've loved and lost.

We shouldn't be eating our friends. 

Our actions must match our thinking. ​Your actions must match your thinking. 

Yet this only one of three main reasons to become plant based, to give up meat and dairy.


Our personal 'Well Being' or 'Health' is another critical factor. It might be that this drives you more personally. Great. Feel better and probably live longer, and at the same time know animals aren't dying so you can have a snack. 

And then there's 'the environment'. In the last couple of decades it has become abundant clear, for a multitude of reasons, that farming for the meat and dairy industries is now recognised as disastrous for our beautiful planet. This is arguably the BIG ONE, and if it isn't today it soon will be. 

Live better, be healthier, help save our planet, (because there's no planet B), and work towards the cessation of animal suffering.

All in all it's an unarguable position.


"It may take awhile, but there will probably come a time when we look back and say 'Good Lord, do you believe that in the 20th century and early part of the 21st century, people were still eating animals?"'  

Mary Tyler Moore (US Academy Award Winning Actor. Ordinary People. The Mary Tyler Moore Show) 


Discrimination based on species membership.

The treatment of members of one species as morally more important than members of another species even when their interests are equivalent. Most precisely described as the failure to consider interests of equal extent because of the species the animal belongs to. 

Example: In the so-called 'Horse Meat Scandal' of 2013 there was widespread public horror that horse flesh had made it into foods advertised as beef. Vegans and Vegetarians naturally question... "Why is the horse more important than the cow?"

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