Why it MUST be VEGAN!!  ...& then why doesn't VaVUK JUST Advocate Veganism? 

As we head into a new decade, and with Veganism in the U.K expanding at an incredible pace, it might seem strange that VaVUK advocates both Veganism AND Vegetarianism. So why do we do this? Well, we don't.....and yet we do. Confusing isn't it. The reality is 'IT MUST BE VEGAN', that has to be the goal. Animals are here WITH US, they are NOT for us. Plain and simple.  In truth though we appreciate that ALL PROGRESS is still PROGRESS and so all movement in the right direction needs to be supported and encouraged. A mission based on pure pragmatism. It's to have the most effect. Our mission is to 'accelerate change' after all.

VaVUK exists as a 'hub' for all who want a minimum of a meat-free diet or to be totally Vegan, irrespective of whether they're at just the start of the journey or fully Vegan already. There will always be conversation here, a dialogue, and we'll educate via shared information and will assist and aid all and everyone.


Stats from earlier this year show there are 600,000+ Vegans in the U.K. now (fantastic stuff) and yet the total of Vegans AND Vegetarians amounts to around 8.3 million people, which is around 1 person in 8, and beyond this there is the belief that around 1/3rd of the U.K. population are now  'flexitarian' or would or are considering cutting down meat and dairy consumption. To make change happen, and faster, we need to engage with all.

VaVUK is therefore a 'hub' for all things Vegan, but also a place for Vegetarians to garner information. This in turn will assist those Vegetarians who wish to become Vegan. It is a place for 'curious' meat eaters to get help in going Vegetarian or straight to Veganism, a place for the 'flexitarians' to get advice on what to eat on meat their free days and to see how easy it is to give up meat and/or become Vegan at the same time..... we need to, we MUST, include everyone. The only way to truly 'accelerate change' is to be inclusive. 

VaVUK's mission is to assist in the moving of as many U.K. people into a plant based (and therefore meat and dairy free) diet as is possible. Why? Well because a plant based (meat and dairy free)  diet is healthier for all, reduces unnecessary animal suffering and will massively aid the environment. We understand that the goal must be Veganism, that's undeniable and accepted, but all movement in the right direction should be encouraged because the more momentum we gain the more we can effect change.        Thank You.