The Vegetarian Society

Established in the United Kingdom in 1847 to promote Vegetarianism. At a conference in Ramsgate in Kent on 30th September 1847 the name 'Vegetarian Society' was chosen by a unanimous vote. 

The Vegetarian Society inspires and supports people to embrace and maintain a Vegetarian lifestyle. 

The Vegan Society

Founded in 1944 The Vegan Society was the world's first. The word Vegan was created to stand for 'non-dairy vegetarians' who also ate no eggs. 

In 1994 the Vegan Society set up World Vegan Day to celebrate 50 years since founding the society. World Vegan day is November 1st.

PeTA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals 

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PeTA was established in 1980 and is a not for profit organisation based in the United States.

Rejecting 'speciesism', PeTA is one the world's largest animal rights organisations. 

"Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way".

PeTA isn't just concerned with Veganism, it's also at the forefront of positive change for animal rights in general. It is anti cruelty, anti fur, anti animal experiments.

Famous for successful campaigns including the anti fur campaign "I'd rather go naked than wear fur".

Viva! - Vegetarians International Voice for Animals

Viva! was founded in the UK in 1994. It is an active animal rights organisation. Viva! looks to expose abuse of factory farmed animals and produces information on how to go Vegan.

"The most powerful action you can take to end animal suffering, protect the environment and improve your health is to go Vegan".

Meat Free Monday 

Meat Free Monday was launched back in 2009 by Paul, Stella and Mary McCartney. It is a not for profit campaign which aims to raise awareness of the detrimental environmental impact of eating meat, and to then encourage people to assist in slowing climate change whilst improving their health by going meat free at least one day a week.


Established as recently as 2014 Veganuary is a UK registered charity that very simply encourages people to try being Vegan for January, with the idea that this change will stay with them all year round. 

The rapid growth of Veganuary is quite extraordinary; 2014 saw 3,300 go Vegan for January, by 2018 the number rose to 168,500, and for 2019 it was 300,000.