Sheep Ahoy Animal Rescue 

Sheep Ahoy Animal Rescue  :


 * OPEN DAY : Come Visit Oli's Gang and all our other rescued animals on Sunday May 17th - free entry - Meet the animals, Refreshments, Education and a variety of stalls.

 * ADOPT A RESCUED ANIMAL :  Click here to go to our Etsy page and adopt one of the gang.  

 * HEROES FOR THE ANIMALS PENNINE WAY WALK : Support official Sheep Ahoy PATRON Rose Wyles (aka The Vegan Nutritionist) as she walks the length of the Pennine Way North to South - 268 Miles - from August 5th 2020.

Vegan and Vegetarian UK (VaVUK) are very proud to have been made project managers for SHEEP AHOY ANIMAL RESCUE  :  2020 VISION

Sheep Ahoy Animal Rescue is an animal rescue centre in the county of Kent, here in the UK. Founded by mother and daughter, Julia and Emma, in 2012, the centre currently looks after 47 sheep and 2 goats. Sheep Ahoy is a registered charity (no. 1173005) and NO monies are ever spent on anything other than the needs of the sheep. It's the sheep and goats after all that need the help the most as they were all abused, neglected and abandoned animals. All the human work is done by Julia and Emma themselves plus the wonderful local volunteers that pitch in. Julia also makes sure there are no administrative costs by covering this, again, herself. 7 years after starting Sheep Ahoy Julia and Emma are still renting the land the animals are housed on and although workable, with more sheep arriving over the years, the need for more and more space is an issue. With the centre spread over 4 fields now the need for a single location and a land purchase rather than renting has become paramount to Sheep Ahoy.  Sheep Ahoy : 2020 VISION is a year long campaign to help Julia and Emma realise the dream of owning a larger field for the sheep and goats, securing the animals' futures. PLEASE HELP.

Oli's Gang 

"Oli's Gang" is how Julia and Emma refer to the sheep in one of their fields. This is because although their first ever sheep was a lamb called Sam, who very sadly passed away at just a few weeks old, by the time they lost him they'd also given a home to Oli. Clearly after that all the sheep that arrived, were joining "Oli's Gang!" Here we introduce you to some of the 'individuals' you can meet at Sheep Ahoy, because they are all individuals with real character. 


Delilah is as Julia puts it "a beautiful girl" aged around 13 years old. Her breed is the Charollais and she's a larger sheep with a poodle type of coat. Delilah joined Sheep Ahoy very early on and was bought to avoid her going to market by Emma herself after they had become friends when Emma had visited her at a local farm. The two of them, Delilah and Emma, have always shared a special bond and Delilah knows Emma's voice and will run to her the moment she hears her.

Maddie is as gorgeous a lamb as you could wish to meet.  Her story though sadly shows again how callous humankind can be. Born into a life at a 'petting zoo' Maddie was no doubt adored by the families and children who came to see and 'pet' her. Before she was more than just a few months old however she was deemed to be no longer 'cute' enough and was to be 'sent to market' and slaughtered. To us at VaVUK this seems so unfair as she'd learned to trust humans only to be destined to be 'food'. Thankfully a young lady stepped in, bought Maddie herself and brought her to Julia and the sanctuary.


Roo's start in life was a tough one. Abandoned with no sheep or humans in sight he was found by a passerby still covered in afterbirth. Whisked to safety to a wildlife rescue he was initially raised by a kind lady at home, and even accompanying her at work. Soon she realised he needed to be with other sheep so he was brought to Julia.


Grace is as Julia says a "sweet little girl" who was saved by a rescuer when seen all alone, cold and weak. She would have died soon as she was so dehydrated. Given milk, warm cuddles and snuggled up indoors Grace recovered. It became clear though that she was traumatised by the loss of her mother. The arrival of another lamb, Jacob,  just a day later really helped and they bonded and became best friends.

Bill and Ben  

Bill and Ben are pygmy goats who were brought to Sheep Ahoy in late 2016. Originally they were bought from a market mistakenly as two small black lambs. I know 'should've gone to Specsavers' does come to mind doesn't it. Anyhow they were initially offered to a different sanctuary but they couldn't take goats. Once at Sheep Ahoy they were immediately checked by a vet and found to be infested with lice and Bill's coat was to fall out it was so bad. Over time the treatment was successful and his coat grew back thankfully. Who's who? Well Bill has the horns, Ben doesn't. Easy!