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Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Read this post to find out more about our aims, ethos and missions to create a well informed world free from any animal suffering.

Hello! If you’ve clicked on the site, you’re probably curious as to what we’re all about. We are a UK based vegan and vegetarian company – compromised of three very different people. However, what has brought us together is our love and compassion for animals and our desire to make valuable changes throughout society and eventually, the world.

Of course, there are many websites that deal with veganism, vegetarianism and plant- based diets and lifestyles. However, we believe that we are different. Here at Vavuk, we seek to change people’s perceptions on the meat eating and agricultural industry. We hope to open people’s eyes by knowledge and education – and leave you to make your own well- informed decisions. We want to provide a “hotspot” for all things plant based, including but not limited to;

Plant based eateries – restaurants throughout London, Edinburgh and more where you can nosh down on a 100% cruelty free and ethical meal. “What do vegans eat?” I hear you ask – well, look no further!

Plant based bed and breakfasts – need to stay somewhere overnight (whether it be for business or recreational holidays) – but not sure where will provide you with both a comfortable bed and a vegan breakfast? We have it covered.

Plant based clothes – with fast fashion becoming a huge issue, we support local business which can provide you with animal – free clothing. Eco clothing allows you to wear all the latest trends without a thread of cruelty.

Education – We seek to enlighten you with various facts from the plant- based industry. The reasons that are swaying people towards vegan and vegetarianism (animal welfare, the environment, and health) can be difficult to find in one place, so we’ve placed them all on our site. If you need one more push, we have quotes from famous philosophers and celebrities that have the animal’s best interests at heart. We are here to provide you with the many reasons why plant based is something you should strive to be.

We are always open to suggestions about places to advertise and topics to write about so please get in touch.


The Vavuk team

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