Sheep Recognize faces! 

You may think that sheep all look alike. They'd clearly disagree. Again in National Geographic (2008), Professor Keith Kendrick of the Babraham Institute of Cambridge suggests that the facial recognition skills of sheep are sophisticated abilities for an animal not normally thought of as smart. In studies sheep could recognise to around 50 faces of other sheep and even 10 humans, and still recall the faces for up to 2 years later. Amazingly a later study at Cambridge University led by Professor Jenny Morton concluded that "We've shown with our study that sheep have advanced face-recognition abilities, comparable with those of humans and monkeys". Without, we can only imagine, realising the beautiful irony involved, a team of facial recognition experts from across 3 universities later published a comment piece in the journal Royal Society Open Science disputing that whilst yes sheep did have facial recognition abilities that were compelling, the levels weren't up to human abilities. (We at VaVUK say that we are glad they cleared that up. And that also we do understand irony).

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