A 9th generation dutch family butcher goes plant based. A whole range of Vegan 'meats' are available in stores such as Tesco. Read all about the Vegetarian Butcher here.

As Linda McCartney Foods say themselves, Linda McCartney was a food pioneer. She, and her family, believed in great tasting, meat free food.  Favourites of VaVUK will always be the sausages, which are just delicious, the Mozzarella Burgers (not Vegan of course) and the Country Pies, as pictured.  Again, given everything is cooked correctly, and with the right accompaniments naturally, Roast Potatoes should definitely be included, a Linda McCartney Country Pie is a wonderfully comforting Sunday Dinner for the British bleak midwinter. 

Sir Paul McCartney and his daughters Mary and Stella are still very much involved in the pursuit of a meat free world. MEAT FREE MONDAY was launched in 2009 by the McCartneys and is now celebrating 10 years in the UK as a charity working in schools, universities and businesses.

A family based business based originally on a desire to make delicious and nutritious plant-based meals for themselves. Starting in 1991, with nearly 3 decades behind them, Fry's are now a fully fledged second generation family business. Plant-based Burgers, Sausages, Nuggets, Schnitzels, Mince, Roast & Pies.

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Launched only at the start of 2019 is Marks & Spencer's PLANT KITCHEN Range. All totally delicious and 100% Plant Based. The Thai Green Curry is a total winner, as is the Sweet Potato Katsu Curry. Well done M&S!


At VaVUK we can't speak too highly of ALPRO. When switching from dairy to non-dairy there's simply no better answer. ALPRO has a vision where what we eat comes from plants. Why?, they ask, well because it's more sustainable for the planet and better for our health. It's a win-win. 

Their Almond Milk is just fantastic, the Ice Cream incredible and you can make an amazing Alfredo sauce for your pastas using their cream and mixing it with white wine and some cashew based parmesan. Genuinely, when done right nobody would be able to notice you weren't using dairy and yet you've just helped the environment and eased animal suffering.

What more needs to be said - Mozzarella Style Shreds for your Pizzas, no cheese needed!

Daiya also make 'cheeze' blocks, 'cheezy mac', slices,  dairy free dressings and dessert bars. 


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Manufactured by 'Follow Your Heart' Vegenaise is available in 10 varieties including 'Original' (seen here, and a real favourite of VaVUK), Roasted Garlic. Pesto and Chipotle. Dairy Free Vegan Mayo. Easy.

Sacla Italia are the household name for pesto here in the UK. Living in a vegetarian household, pesto pasta, and therefore Sacla Italia, can be a mainstay of the weekly cooking. That said they've now gone and created a Vegan range too, so now nobody need miss out. Well done Sacla!

Vegetarians can always enjoy pizza. Margarita, Quattro Formaggio, Veggie Volcano or a Veggie Hot One. Whatever it's called if its Cheese, Tomato and vegetables it's all good.

Vegan Pizza, however, is another thing entirely. Goodfella's Vegan Stone Baked have cracked it.

The 'Spicy vegetable Salsa' (shown here) is a hit with VaVUK.

Dairy Free - Vegan - Sunflower spread.

Ideal for sandwiches, toast, for cooking. No dairy needed. Just ideal. Nothing more needs to be added.

Let's just say it like this - Magnus; Vegan.

Yes Magnum ice creams but without the dairy. Yes Vegan Magnums, it bears being repeated. Oh and totally delicious too! 

(VaVUK love the Almond version best - as pictured).

VaVUK have loved Innocent for many years. And what's not to love? 

Never ever made from concentrate, no added sugar or, as Innocent themselves say, anything weird like colouring.

Pomegranate, Strawberry, Mango, Cinnamon & Banana Split - just some of the smoothies on offer.

AND Innocent have their fruit juices and 'Super Juices' - Orange, Orange & Mango, Apple & Elderflower plus many more. And now, if that's not good enough already, Innocent have launched their 'Dairy Free' range - Almond, Oat, Hazelnut and Coconut.

Sure you can make your own coffee and add Almond milk and ice to make it cold. We do. Wanna speed things up? Califia Cold Brew Coffee with Almond Milk means you can now just go to the fridge! Delicious.

Now we are spoilt for choice on the Vegan Mayo front. Hellman's have joined the party and VaVUK can't taste the difference between Hellman's original mayonnaise and the Vegan Mayo. Good Job Hellman's!


Part of Sainsbury's PLANT PIONEERS are fully plant based - VEGAN - faux meat options. The streaky bacon is shown here and is a firm favourite.

Oatly are most well known for their dairy free milk alternatives. Chocolate Oatly having been a regular with VaVUK for the best part of 20 years. More recently discovered is the 'Creamy Oat Fraiche' which now gives Vegans another wonderful option....bring on the fajitas!!

Wholly plant based faux meat products available in most main supermarkets. These hot dogs are incredible. Serve in a bun with onions and relish naturally! 

Elmlea Single or Double cream BUT Plant based - as if by some miracle - and it tastes delicious. Pour over Vegan cakes or use in cooking. Amazing. 

Galaxy Chocolate but DAIRY FREE - YES VEGAN GALAXY!! Just delicious - our favourite is the Caramel and Sea Salt.

Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice Cream from Ben & Jerry's - and YES it's DAIRY FEE = VEGAN!! Just amazing. Tastes better than dairy (as remembered) and has an amazingly good texture.

Quorn, in the opinion of VaVUK at least, are the most versatile and wide ranging faux meat products available here in the U.K.. For almost 20 years we have dined on Quorn most days.

If a person is looking to go meat free and they are reasonably competent at cooking, then the switch to Quorn, and a meat free future, is easy. You just substitute your meat for the closest Quorn product and prepare your meal just as you would have done. It really couldn't be easier. 

Quorn mince - just beautiful bolognaise and chili... 

Quorn Roast - when cooked right it can served to a non-vegetarian and they don't know!

Quorn Fillets - incredibly versatile and make the BEST fajitas! We could go on and on!                                 'Powered by Mycoprotein' Quorn products are both delicious AND are a healthy and sustainable way to enjoy food. And now in 2019 more and more Quorn products are Vegan! 

Launched late 2019 by Sainsbury's - like WOW!! Vegan Croissants - something we've all been waiting for. Delicious too !!

Found in Sainsbury's late 2019 and with a promise that you can get your money back for an online review. We thought it was brilliant.