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We are at the start of something truly revolutionary. Veganism and Vegetarianism are growing exponentially here in the UK. Vegan And Vegetarian UK Central (VaVUK) brings everything together in one place. We are a hub. A central location for all. A place that will accelerate change through being the invaluable 'link'.

Vegan And Vegetarian UK Central's mission is to educate people and make them aware, to create connections, to assist new Vegans and Vegetarians in making the change to a meat free life and to offer a place of community for anyone Vegan, Vegetarian or about to become either. What an opportunity to actually make a difference!

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Sheep Ahoy Animal Rescue 


"For anyone to claim there is such a thing as 'humane slaughter', well, that's the greatest oxymoron in the world"

HOWARD  F. LYMAN  (US farmer and Animal Rights Activist)

RALPH WALDO EMERSON (American Essayist) "You have just dined, and however scrupulously the slaughterhouse is concealed in the graceful distance of miles, there is complicity"

Note: It is always VaVuk's intention to only list genuine Vegan & Vegetarian businesses, not just businesses that 'cater for' Vegans & Vegetarians

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Vegan AND Vegetarian? At VaVUK we embrace both communities, both choices, as one, whilst accepting VEGANISM is always the final destination.